Auto Top-UP of Smart Cards

     Auto Top-up through Standing Instructions to State Bank of India (SBI):

• Auto top-up:  Passengers need not have to go to the Ticket office or any other outlet for topping up Stored Value Ticket (Varshik),   if they have opted for auto top-up. Automatic Top-up of Varshik shall be possible on reaching a pre-defined threshold value set   by passenger.

• Threshold Value:  Minimum Threshold value shall be Rs100. Top-up value can be between Rs50 to Rs1000 in multiples of Rs50.

• Registration for Auto Top-up:
 The passenger (account holder of SBI) shall have to register for Auto top-up through ATM.   The receipt generated at ATM will be presented to the Bank home branch where the Standing instructions form will be filled   in duplicate.

• Standing instructions:
 The standing instructions shall be in the form of instructions or mandate from the   passenger/account holder of the bank to add specified value from the account held in the bank as and when the value in the   ticket goes below the threshold limit set by passenger. When the stored value of ticket goes below the threshold, system   will initiate a request for a top-up transaction for the value as per the mandate given by the passenger. The Standing   Instructions form will be filled up in duplicate and submitted in the bank. The bank will return one authenticated copy of this   form to the passenger to be used for activation at BMRCL customer Care office at stations.

• Activation of Auto-top up:
 The authenticated copy of standing instructions will be handed over by passenger to Customer   Care office at Stations for activation of Auto-top up. Before activation the minimum stored value on ticket should be Rs50.

• Auto-top Request Generation:   The auto top-up request is generated by the Automatic gates during entry to station when   the stored value is below threshold. The request for top-up is sent to bank but the passenger is allowed to travel based on   the threshold value still available on the card. The request will not be generated if the stored value on ticket is below the   minimum fare required to enter the stations.

• Add Value Action:  The add value action on CSC happens when the passenger goes through the Automatic Gates next time   after the request was generated based on response from Bank debiting the passenger’s account.

• Dishonor of top-up request to Bank:   In case the Bank dishonors the auto top-up request sent by system due to insufficient   balance held by passenger, the CSC shall not be topped up. BMRCL may exercise option to cancel the auto top-up facility in   case of repeated dishonors of auto top-up request and intimate to the Bank.

• Withdrawal of Standing Instructions:  Such standing instructions may be withdrawn by passenger after he presents a   request at the Customer Care office. The operator shall issue an acknowledgement to the passenger for the same after   accepting the request.


Namma Metro (Kannada: ನಮ್ಮ ಮೆಟ್ರೊ Our metro), also known as Bangalore Metro (Kannada: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಮೆಟ್ರೊ), is a mass-transit rail system for the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The agency responsible for its implementation is the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL). The first stretch between Baiyyappanahalli and M.G. Road was inaugurated on October 20, 2011.