Jaipur Metro Train Fare

A. Standard Fare for Off-peak Hours Morning to 16:59 Hrs

StationMansarovarNew Aatish MarketVivek ViharShyam NagarRam NagarCivil LinesRailway StationSindhi CampChandpole
New Aatish Market66661111111717
Vivek Vihar6666611111117
Shyam Nagar1166666111111
Ram Nagar1111666661111
Civil Lines1111116666611
Railway Station1711111166666
Sindhi Camp17171111116666

B. Standard Fare for Peak Hours From 17:00 Hrs Till Night

MansarovarNew Aatish MarketVivek ViharShyam NagarRam NagarCivil LinesRailway StationSindhi CampChandpole
New Aatish Market111111111717172323
Vivek Vihar111111111117171723
Shyam Nagar171111111111171717
Ram Nagar171711111111171717
Civil Lines171717111111111117
Railway Station231717171111111111
Sindhi Camp232317171711111111

C. For the Store value card users, the fare shown in the fare tables shall be subject to the following discount:

Less than Rs. 10Nil
Rs. 10 or more but less than Rs. 2010%
Rs. 20 or more15%

D. Tourist Cards: there will be two types of Tourist Cards, one-day tour card and three-day tour card, as under:

Tourist Card Fare Refundable Security DepositTotal Cost of the Card
One-day Tour Card (Which can be used on any one business day for unlimited number of trips)5050100
Three-day Tour Card (which can be used on any three consecutive business days for unlimited number of trips)15050200

E. Group Tickets: Group Tickets will be issued to groups of more than 20 commuters, on there request, at a discount of 10%.

i) Token sale from Ticket Offices/ Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) shall commence 10 minutes prior to first passenger train, and till 10 minutes prior to last passenger train departure from that station.
ii) Normally passenger shall make their entry through AFC Gates at stations atleast 5 minutes prior to the departure time of last passenger train from that station.
iii) The maximum permissible length of time of stay from entry at a station and existing from another station shall be 60 minutes. Similarly, the maximum permissible length of time between entry and exit from same station shall be 20 minutes. Otherwise, a penalty at the rate of Rs. 10 per one hour or part thereof, subject to maximum of Rs. 50 will be charged at exit.
iv) The token shall be valid for use within 30 minutes from the sale time.
v) Automatic Fare Collection system entry gate time at that metro station shall be reckoned to decide the applicability of peak and off-peak hour fares.
Jaipur Metro own and operated by Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC). Jaipur Metro construction was build in two phase, first phase of Jaipur Metro which is also known as Pink Line, second phase will be completed till 2021

Jaipur Metro Timetable from Mansarovar

StationFirst Metro TrainLast Metro Train
Mansarovar06:25 AM09:00 PM
New Aatish Market06:29 AM09:03 PM
Vivek Vihar06:33 AM09:06 PM
Shyam Nagar06:35 AM09:08 PM
Ram Nagar06:38 AM09:10 PM
Civil Lines06:41 AM09:13 PM
Railway Station06:46 AM09:17 PM
Sindhi Camp06:50 AM09:23 PM
Chandpole06:53 AM09:25 PM

Jaipur Metro Timetable from Chandpole

StationFirst Metro TrainLast Metro Train
Chandpole06:25 AM09:20 PM
Sindhi Camp06:28 AM09:23 PM
Railway Station06:32 AM09:28 PM
Civil Lines06:36 AM09:31 PM
Ram Nagar06:40 AM09:34 PM
Shyam Nagar06:42 AM09:36 PM
Vivek Vihar06:45 AM09:38 PM
New Aatish Market06:49 AM09:41 PM
Mansarovar06:54 AM09:45 PM