Chennai Local Train Timings

Suburban Train Codes

Chennai MRTS Suburban Train Codes

Codes Originating station Destination station
AB Arakkonam Chennai Beach.
AAD Arakkonam Avadi
ADB Avadi Chennai Beach
ADA Avadi Arakkonam
ADM Avadi Chennai Central
ADT Avadi Tiruvallur
AM Arakkonam Chennai Central
ANB Anna Nagar Chennai Beach
BAD Chennai Beach Avadi
BAN Chennai Beach Anna Nagar
BG Chennai Beach Gummidipundi
BP Chennai Beach Ponneri
BVL Chennai Beach Velacherry
BT Chennai Beach Tiruvallur
GB Gummidipundi Chennai Beach
GM Gummidipundi Chennai Central
KM Kadambattur Chennai Central
MA Chennai Central Arakkonam
MAD Chennai Central Avadi
MAT Chennai Central Tiruttani
MG Chennai Central Gummidipundi
MK Chennai Central Kadambattur
MN Chennai Central Ennore
MS Chennai Central Pattabiram Military Siiding
MSP Chennai Central Sullurupetta
MT Chennai Central Tiruvallur
NT Ennore Tiruvallur
PB Ponneri Chennai Beach
PM Ponneri Chennai Central
PBM Pattabiram Chennai Central
SM Pattabiram Military Siding Chennai Central
SPM Sullurupetta Chennai Central
TAM Tiruttani Chennai Central
TAD Tiruvallur Avadi
TB Tiruvallur Chennai Beach
TIM Tirunindravur Chennai Central
TM Tiruvallur Chennai Central
TMF Tiruvallur Chennai Central (Fast)
TRA Tiruttani Arakkonam
VLB Velacherry Chennai Beach
BC Chennai Beach Chengalpattu
CB Chengalpattu Chennai Beach
BTL Chennai Beach Tirumalpur
TLB Tirumalpur Chennai Beach

MRTS Means : Mass Rapid Transit System
The Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System, a state-owned subsidiary of Indian Railways, is a metropolitan elevated railway line operated by Southern Railways. It is the first elevated railway line in India. Although it is segregated from the Chennai Suburban Railway, they both are operated by Southern Railway and are integrated in a wider urban rail network.

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